Welcome to INO Adventures.  We are a homeschool endeavor.  Fundamental education includes integrating daily health, mental balance, nutrition, emotional awareness, communication skills … and math, science, music, history, art and philosophy. 


What about sports?  Teamwork?  Socilization?


Today’s society is obsessed with social media and our teenagers are suffering greatly for it.  As we as the adults growing up with this dot com environment continue to discern with science and ongoing research how to balance all this technology, we owe it to our kids to be honest about its effects.




Kids still need to be around humans and go outside.  Surprise … inventing the ipad did not alter human biology that fast.


That ability to be a human BEING (as opposed to a human DOING) living in a fast paced digital world while retaining our morals and values is the current Holy Grail of teenagers.


Our daughters are 13 and 14 in 2018.  They have been working on their careers as digital media artists daily for over four years.  Fully functional in the Adobe Professional Suite software tools as well as all the office basics, our children are equally proficient at holding a conversation about local or national politics.


Raising children to be amazing humans is about cultivating behavior and ongoing business practices /you/ yourself would want to be a part of.


Welcome to our ‘homeschool’ endeavor.  It is not just a school or a small family business.  Our endeavor is a lifetime adventure to grow with us as a family, nourish our needs and blaze brilliance into each aspect of our world.


Should you reach out to us in need of digital services, our quality of communication in tandem with our speedy services will certainly bring a smile and a solution.